Dorothy Elizabeth Babcock (nee Kingston)
January 29, 1939 – March 20, 2021
Born: Peterborough
Died: Stratford

I love to read obituaries. Every story is interesting. So many heroics and accomplishments. I am one of the few who gets to write my own. The accompanying picture is one of my biggest accomplishments.

Instead of telling my history, I would rather tell you about my beliefs and concerns:

1. Respect and compassion
I have often heard said that children are spoiled because they are showered with things or they come from a wealthy family. At all levels of income, I believe a child is spoiled because they have been allowed to show disrespect and lack of compassion. This carries into adulthood with continued disrespect to parents, friends, store workers, etc.

2. Couples’ world
When I became a widow 13 years ago, my extraordinary friends made sure I would never experience the loneliness of being excluded from a couples’ world. They were exceptional by including me in travel, dining in and out, events, Christmas, everything. My social life never changed. I know it must be difficult to imagine being in a single person’s shoes but I would urge you to try. I just heard a terrible story about a dinner group, up North, in retirement country. They were considering, upon starting up after COVID, of excluding a member whose wife had just died because he was no longer a couple. Such cruelty and lack of compassion. Please consider including widows and widowers in your dinner parties, even if they don’t know anyone. Rather than tell them about the nice restaurant your couple friends went to, include them. They have endured enough tragedy in losing their partner to have to be excluded from the couples’ world. Include them.

3. Prejudice and Racism
Please try to be brave enough to voice objection to demeaning jokes and comments toward the indigenous, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, LGBTQ+, against anyone who is different than you. You will feel so good about yourself and we all need that.

4. Women
We have all encountered inequality toward women, either by action or word, subtle or direct. Women must realize and act upon our importance. Many religions place women in an inferior context. Only if you feel strongly about this inferior treatment can you show objection and not just accept “your place” in order to make change happen.

5. Abuse to animals
I believe the abusers of animals also abuse people. If unable to terminate abusers, then please report them.

6. Parents
I see parents deprive their children of their approval. Why would you want your children to live your life and your expectations and not their chosen life? Please give them hugs, accept their choices. Life will be happier for both you and them.

7. Philanthropy
I believe in philanthropy at every level of income. Help is desperately needed now. E.g., food banks, women’s shelters, animal causes, the arts and culture, book club for inmates. Choose a charity or charities. Donate or volunteer, and you will both be winners.

My children, Alexandra Babcock, Whitney Babcock, Courtney Babcock, and Blair Babcock are the world to me.

I have always been so proud of you for so many reasons; wonderful respect and compassion for others of all walks of life, kindness and generosity to everyone, making people around you feel comfortable and included, loving each other, loving animals. You are outstanding parents, aunts and uncles, showing interest in others’ lives and listening to them tell their story.

To my sons-in law, Todd Cowan, Rob Hitchcock, and Miles Key: If I had a chance to choose all over the world, I would choose you. As fathers and uncles, I see kindness and love to your children and your wives. I do know there will be challenges.

To my extraordinary daughter-in-law, Christy Muddle: How did I get so lucky.

Isn’t it amazing how we fall so deeply in love with our grandchildren. Mine being Allegra, Ridley, Sierrah, Hudson and Rhodes.

Thanks to my dear travelling friend, for his kindness, Ben.

I was predeceased by my husband Larry (2007). My parents and brother, Isabella, Ken, and Bob Kingston. And by my best friend, since the age of 3, Clibby Hayward Verrian (2005).

I thank my outstanding, remarkable friends for their love and I want to tell you all how much I love you.

To my cherished cousins. I love our bond. To my Arizona friends, I treasure you.

I preferred to live outside the box. My 9 year old grandson suggests that everyone pick a day and wear orange and red to remember me by. I have chosen this as an alternative to a funeral. I ask that you donate, for me, to the Humane Society or your animal welfare organization of choice.

To sign off, thank you for reading my concerns. I want to use a wise quote my Mom gave me about attending dinner parties. I believe it is appropriate for now:

“Leave while you’re still wanted.”

Or as we Schittheads would say, “One foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, and then get the hell out of here!”

Memorial donations in Dorothy’s memory may be made to the Humane Society of Canada or animal welfare organization of your choice through the W.G. Young Funeral Home, 430 Huron Street, Stratford. 519.271.7411

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