About W.G. Young Funeral Home

Our History

The W.G. Young Funeral Home was founded by the Young family and opened June 1, 1984 with the philosophy “your wishes tended to in a warm friendly atmosphere”. The funeral home is still owned and operated by the Young family with the same values.

There is now a second generation of the Young family to carry on the tradition of providing meaningful and caring service, along with assisting families in planning and personalizing a dignified service.

Our Staff

At the W. G. Young Funeral Home, our staff are committed to caring and offering our families the utmost professionalism in an ethical and honorable manner.

Wayne Young

President/Funeral Director


Managing Funeral Director

Don Munro

Funeral Director

Tonia Catcher

Pre-Arrangement & Estate Care Counselor

Marcel Peper

Funeral Director

Robert Gras

Funeral Director Assistant

Pat Gruber

Administrative Assistant

Susan Chessell

Reception Centre Coordinator

Everlasting Tribute

Tree Planting Program

The Everlasting Tribute Tree Planting Program began in 1990 with the planting of a grove of mature trees at Avondale Cemetery. The trees were dedicated as a living memorial for those families who had lost a loved one. In having an annual tree planting program we believe that it helps maintain and enhance the beauty of Stratford. Our funeral home approves each year in which suggested area the trees will be planted. Each tree is fully guaranteed and is properly cared for by the Stratford Parks Board. The trees planted consist of different species that are native to this area. The Everlasting Tribute Program is unique to Stratford. It allows the Stratford Parks Board to have a long term tree program that is privately funded and the size and quality of the trees provide instant beauty and warmth to an area. Our annual memorial and dedication service provides a place for those who have lost a loved one to reflect and remember with other families we have served. This service has become an extension of the funeral process, realizing the need of families to deal with their grief in a healthy and open manner. Our family and staff would like to dedicate the trees to be planted this year as a living memorial to the life that was lived and shared by you and your family.



1990 Avondale Cemetery
1991 Greenwood Park
1992 McLagan Drive
1993 Avondale Cemetery
1994 Avon River Erosion Control
1995 Avon River Erosion Control
1996 Avondale Cemetery
1997 Avondale Cemetery
1998 Tree Replacement at Upper Queens Park
1999 Avondale Cemetery
2000 Millennium Park
2001 Packham Road Complex and Avondale Cemetery
2002 Packham Road Complex and Avondale Cemetery
2003 Avondale Cemetery
2004 Battershall Park, Marsh Pond Park & Packham Rd. Park
2005 Devon St. Park & Packham Rd. Park
2006 Devon Street Park and Avondale Cemetery
2007 Avondale Cemetery
2008 Avondale Cemetery and Arboretum (East end of River)
2009 Avondale Cemetery and O’Loane Ave. Walk-ways
2010 O’Loane Avenue Walk-ways
2011 Avondale Cemetery and T.J. Dolan Natural Area
2012 McCarthy Road Extension and Park2
2013 Storm Damage-Tree Replacement and Revitalization
2014 North End of City for Emerald Ash Borer Replacement
2015 Natural Area at Avalon Park and Avondale Cemetery
2016 Packham Road Soccer Complex and Ash Tree Replacement

Avon West Park (Bromberg Subdivision) 


Bromberg Family Park


Avondale Cemetery


Anne Hathaway Park and Marsh Pond Park


Avondale Cemetry

Greenwood Park

McLagan Dr.

Avon River

Upper Queens Park

Packham Road Complex

Battershall Park

Marsh Pond Park

Devon Street Park


O'Lone Ave Walk-Ways

T.J. Dolan Natural Area

McCarthy Road Extension

Avalon Park

Avon West Park

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